It seems like settling in to a new decade has happened pretty quickly. Maybe that’s because there were a lot of forgettable goings on in the “naughties” (no-one ever did come up with a better name, which says a lot). Purpose Built has gone all 2010 with a bit of a new look, and to mark this new start, one of the Godfathers of dance music in the UK has very kindly given us a live mix to share with you.

It’s been hard to steer clear of the shallow but sprawling pile of “reality” music over the last decade but fortunately the underground caverns have produced a big store of quality, soul-filled records. Fortunately Mr Greg Wilson untangled his headphones to come out of dj retirement in 2003, to carry on where he left off in showing us the way to this dancefloor treasure. His sets over the past few years – from the Bestival to a long-overdue Radio 1 Essential Mix – have satisfied his old faithful and won over younger heads at the same time. His trademark razor-spliced edits of yester-year sound as fresh as his new interpretations, and have influenced a new generation to fire up Ableton and re-work disco, funk, boogie and electro groovers for the 21st Century.

Greg was a pioneer the first time round (he was one of the first DJs in the UK to mix 2 records together don’t you know: see for yourself!), and is without question one of the key players of the latest disco revival, as well as one of the most genuine characters in the game. This mix is Greg’s appearance at Manchester’s mighty Warehouse Project last November… It hasn’t seen the light of day before now, and features plenty of his own edits, so get it going through your speakers:


Some say that originality is dead in music – that fewer creators are pushing things on – but in my book, fresh edits of past sounds educate the young about the old, pointing towards hidden gems. In our age of throw-away culture, music as commodity, we need to get back to the stories behind the beats. I grew up with vinyl. I get how great it is, that it’s hard to grow attached to an mp3, but if our ipods open up new ears to the massive store of musical greatness and the lives behind it all, reality might just stay real, and music might still have feeling for a good while yet.

Click here for Greg’s myspace, check his excellent site Electrofunkroots for more of his backround story and dancefloor history, and grab some of his tasty edits + more mixes from his Soundcloud page.