TradePoint Press Release

Every week on average, 20 tradespeople die every week from asbestos related diseases. According to experts at TradePoint, every tradesperson will come into contact with this potentially deadly substance at some point, so widespread was its use form the 1050s to the 1990s, which makes it vital for companies to know how to take the proper precautions.

Tradepoint is calling for tradespeople to be more aware of the dangers around asbestos. The company has produced a print-out-and-keep guide to safely dealing with asbestos on the job.

Inside the guide you’ll find:

  • Facts relating to asbestos and the harm it can cause
  • Where in a property it could be found
  • Simple ways to protect yourself
  • Details about when a licensed asbestos contractor is needed
  • Images of what to look out for

The material isn’t dangerous left alone, but becomes harmful when disturbed, as tiny asbestos fibres are released that when breathed in can cause lung disease and cancer. This means that even small jobs can prove dangerous, so it’s vital to take proper precautions.

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The PDF can be accessed via the download section of the TradePoint website, which can be found here [INSERT HYPERLINK].

About TradePoint

TradePoint offers more than 12,000 big brand building supplies at discount prices solely to those working in the trade at over 300 B&Q stores nationwide. Unlike others it operates seven days a week (including bank holidays), early until late, allowing customers to get the products they need more easily.

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